Board of Directors

The Norfolk Area Economic Development Council and City of Norfolk – Economic Development divisionĀ is a collaborative effort between Madison County and the City of Norfolk. Our service area covers all of Madison County, Nebraska.

Norfolk Area Economic Development Council
Board of Directors
Chairman, Russ Wilcox (Midwest Bank)
Secretary, Sue Fuchtman (Daycos)
Treasurer, Tom Schommer (Telebeep Wireless)
Ron Schmidt (Madison County Commissioner)
Josh Moenning (Norfolk Mayor / 4 Lanes 4 Nebraska)
Kent Warneke (Action Council President/Norfolk Daily News)
Dr. Michael Chipps (Northeast Community College)
Stephen Sunderman

City of Norfolk, City CouncilĀ 
Economic Development Subcommittee
Mayor Josh Moenning
Councilman Shane Clausen, Ward 4
Councilman Corey Granquist, Ward 1
Councilman Rob Merrill, Ward 3
Councilman Jim Lange, Ward 2
City Administrator, Shane Weidner